Can You Trim A Bonsai Tree with Scissors? ( The Best Answers)

Growing bonsai is a fusion of history, art and culture. Many years ago, the Japanese first began to grow many trees in a small form called bonsai to enhance the beauty of their homes. Aesthetic, beautiful and charming appearance through grooming and trimming is the art of bonsai. And now it has become a culture.

Many tree lovers like to grow bonsai in their homes, offices, balconies, patios, lawns and gardens. Bonsai trimming has many rules and requires different types of tools. This is why some beginner bonsai gardeners like you face the challenge of choosing the right tools for pruning.

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Can you trim a bonsai tree with scissors?

Yes of course. Although you will find many sharp tools for pruning, scissors are one of the best, most suitable and efficient tools for doing this DIY job.

Here, we will describe detailed answers to questions, 2 best bonsai scissors for trimming and much more. Read the blog till the end if you don’t want to miss all the information.

What Are Bonsai Scissors?

We know you are acquainted with many types of scissors. Such as kitchen, sewing, and garden shears. But, bonsai scissors are completely different from these types of scissors. Because you need long handles and sharp scissors to trim the branches and roots of bonsai trees.

Most Japanese make bonsai scissors with high carbon steel and sharp scissors. They will give a smooth finish with black lacquered. So any scissors specially designed for pruning and cutting bonsai plants to create a beautiful shape called bonsai scissors.

Not all bonsai shears are suitable for all pruning jobs. Manufacturers divide bonsai scissors into a few different groups. For example.

1 .General Scissors
These types of scissors are designed for versatile serving. That means any beginner gardener can use it for a variety of tasks, including trimming leaves, pruning branches, pruning branches, and more. As this is normal scissors, users will not get the best results. But it’s pretty much okay to continue the trimming task.

2 .Bud Scissors
Bud shears are a popular tool for bonsai lovers. These blades are made of stainless steel and designed for detailed and light maintenance trimming.

3 .Root Scissors

Root pruning shears have sturdy handles that make it easy to use when pruning roots. These blades are sharper than other shears because the roots are mostly thick and the shears require firmness. This is why most of these scissors are made of alloy steel. They are also useful for pruning leaves.

  1. Long Handle Scissors

Long-handled bonsai scissors at a 45° angle are good for cutting thick bonsai branches. As the shears are operated for a long time, users need less physical strength to prune branches.

  1. Wire Scissors
    Bonsai branch wiring is an important function to keep the bonsai in a certain shape. Aluminum and copper wires are mostly used for this. So, these wire scissors are designed for cutting wire.

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Can You Trim A Bonsai Tree With Scissors? 

Scissors are one of the most common, basic and basic tools in the bonsai owners toolbox. Anyone can trim bonsai with specially made bonsai scissors.

You can prune the bonsai tree efficiently with the right scissors. First, you must identify the health of your bonsai, the right season and the right branches to prune the tree. After that, you should prune the plant step by step including leaves, branches and roots.

Don’t know the right way to trim the tree and bring it perfectly to the shape you want? Never mind. You can check out How to Prune a Bonsai Tree for a step-by-step guide with tips and tricks.

Why do you Trim a bonsai tree?

Pruning has many benefits for bonsai plants, so it is a very common term for bonsai enthusiasts. But, the wrong pruning can damage your precious tree.

  • The first and foremost reason to prune a bonsai is to maintain its miniature shape. As a result, it will perfectly match your home decor.
  • Unsightly ridges are cut off while pruning the tree, so it looks aesthetic, eye-catching and mind-blowing.
  • Pruning also helps to reduce the growth rate of the top of the plant so that other parts of the plant get proper nutrients for growth.
  • Even pruning helps maintain its weight, making the plant portable. So, you can replace the tree if needed or report it if needed.

Can You Use Regular Scissors On Bonsai?

No, it is not recommended to use regular scissors in bonsai. A sharp blade is needed to cut the branches, roots and branches of bonsai trees. But, regular shears are mostly blunt for tree pruning. They will tear down the trees instead of cutting them down. But yes, if you handle any normal scissors with sharp blades, you can use them.

Bonsai Scissors Vs. Regular Scissors

In general, both bonsai and regular scissors look similar at first glance. You cannot find the difference between them. But, when you look at them carefully, you will see many differences.

The main differences between bonsai scissors and regular scissors are sharpness, shape and design. Bonsai scissors are sharper with shorter blades than regular scissors. They have easy gripping handles for precise use.

Traditionally, the Japanese use butterfly-shaped and sharp-bladed scissors to cut the branches and stems of bonsai to give it a beautiful appearance.

Normal scissors are very handy for many tasks. You can use them to cut cardboard, paper, thin materials, rope, etc If you use regular garden shears, they will be useful for clearing large bushes, dead flowers, and weeds. But, regular scissors are not good for bonsai trimming.

Let’s take a look at the head-to-head difference between bonsai scissors and regular scissors.

Bonsai ScissorsRegular Scissors
They are specially designed for pruning bonsai trees.They are mainly designed to serve multi-purpose work
Their blades are so sharp, razor-like.Their blades are not very sharp, even blunt, than bonsai scissors.
They offer you surgical level accuracy. That means you can use them effectively without any skills.They will tear the tree rather than trimming.
They have long handles, butterfly shaped and durable. That’s why you don’t need to force too much to cut the branch.They don’t have long handles and butterfly shapes, even very fragile ones. They have small handles, so you have to press the handles forcefully. That is inconvenient. 
They are so expensive than regular scissorsThey are comparatively budget-friendly anyone buy it

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What Are The Best Trimming Scissors? 

After describing a lot about bonsai scissors, if we don’t tell you which bonsai scissors are best for pruning your bonsai. So in this part of our content, it’s time to review 2 well made and most popular scissors.

  1. Wakashishi/Bonsai scissors
    If you are looking for the best Japanese bonsai scissors, we recommend you to choose Wakashishi Bonsai scissors. The Japanese made these scissors from SK steel and butter shape. This is why you will find them sharp enough to prune your bonsai without crushing or bruising it.

The light weight and good grip of the scissors help you use them with precision. Do you prefer to wear hand gloves while pruning? There is no reason. You can easily hold them with hand gloves to get maximum leverage.

Since they are very sharp, you have to use them properly. They can easily grab anything for your carelessness. And most importantly, keep children away from you while using.

After use, clean and wrap properly before storing; Otherwise, the scissors will rust. Store them in a dry and safe place.


  • Made from stainless steel so highly durable
  • Very sharp blade and easy to use
  • They are suitable for cutting large, old branches
  • Light that won’t tire your hands
  • Great investment for your bonsai tree


Packaging needs to be improved; Since this is a sharp product, any accident can happen due to poor packaging.

2 .Gonic Bonsai Scissors

Gonicc ergonomically designs its bonsai shears for bonsai lovers of all levels. They are 185mm long with a 55mm sharp blade. The scissor blades are made from high carbon steel, and the handles are made from alloy steel. For quality materials, you find the blades sharp after heavy use. This means they are very durable, and have no chance of rusting.

You can cut deadheadings, thick stems, branches and trim them to shape your bonsai. Sometimes you need a long time to perfectly and precisely trim the tree. In this case, light scissors are necessary. They’re only 1.5 ounces, so you won’t face joint stiffness or cramping after prolonged use.

To extend the life of the scissors when storing them, don’t forget to clean the mud and wipe off some oil. Finally, we can say that you will not be disappointed with this purchase.


  • Solid high-satisfactory scissors and superbly crafted
  • Over-sharpening ensures a smooth cut without tearing the tree
  • Ideal choice for pruning plants and cutting branches
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and smooth to keep and use
  • Budget-pleasant fee to suit your pocket


  • It feels loose and uncomfortable for small hands

Do you need special scissors for bonsai plants?

Yes, pruning shears are the ideal choice for pruning small bonsai stems. Even the scissors are of medium length, thick and extremely sharp; They are especially suitable for pruning bonsai trees. They help you prune trees to showcase your bonsai art.

But, one type of scissors is not suitable for all types of pruning. You’ll need general, bud, root, long-handled and wire scissors for different styles of pruning.

Why are bonsai scissors so expensive?

Japanese artisans make bonsai scissors and it takes a week to make a pair of scissors. They work 10 hours a day, which means a total of 70 working hours are required for a pair of scissors. They even use high-quality materials and follow ancient techniques for making scissors. This is why bonsai scissors are so expensive.

Since bonsai experts need the best quality and highly efficient tools for the bonsai industry, they are willing to spend thousands of dollars on bonsai scissors. A bonsai tool can cost up to $35,000. That may surprise you!


After reading the complete guide about bonsai scissors, you can overcome your confusion; Can you prune a bonsai tree with scissors? Shears are one of the most important tools for tree pruning. Apart from the tools, you should know every ins and outs of pruning.

So, a combination of pruning knowledge and the best pruning tools brings the best results. If you use scissors to prune your bonsai, you can share your experience with us by leaving a comment in our comment section. We love to hear your experiences.

Reference site : bonsaitopics.com

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