How To Grow a Terrace Garden In Home

Most of People want to know how to grow a terrace garden in your home. Now a days in city areas,although there are a less gardening space ,most people choose space for gardening their terrace space,Terrace space is the best place for gardening now a days.In this article I will show you how to grow a terrace garden in your home.

How to Grow a Terrace Garden?

Terrace garden is becoming most popular day by day in Western countries. Maximum people are becoming encourage to do garden to their Terrace or Roof. But the do not know how to grow a terrace Garden in home. If you read this articles ,I am sure ,you have to easily set up a terrace garden in your home with anyone help.

What is Terrace Gardening?

The garden that you can plant on the roof of your house or building and grow fresh vegetables, fruits and different types of flowers in it.

You can grow fruits and vegetables in it by filling soil in an earthen pot, container or other utensils.

If you think that I do not have to eat harmful fruits and vegetables of the market and prefer to roam in my garden instead of any nearby garden, then Terrace Gardening can be the right choice for that.

Why is Terrace Gardening Important?

In order to avoid the use and effect of increasing pesticides in modern times, today people are growing organic fruits, vegetables and other plants on their own terrace by using organic manure, which can save the future of themselves and their children. The most crucial aspect of our lives is our health, which is what the future signifies. Fresh fruits and veggies are accessible at the market instead of stale ones here.

Benefits of Terrace Gardening.

Before telling you how to do Terrace Gardening on the roof of your house, you should know about its benefits. So that the enthusiasm of doing Terrace Gardening is alive in you.

1. Supply of fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables :-

What could be better if you had a fresh supply of vegetables and fruits grown at home every day in your garden. 

Imagine how you would feel when preparing hot tomato soup using fresh tomatoes plucked from your garden. And it is full of nutrition.

2. Can achieve chemical free production.

Harmful chemical free production can be achieved, because nowadays the use of harmful chemicals in agriculture has increased in such a way that in Punjab and Kerala, today most of the people there are suffering from terrible diseases like cancer. That’s why you can get pure and fresh produce by doing organic farming with organic fertilizers by doing Terrace Gardening . and stay healthy.

3. Can save big bill of AC (Air Conditioner). 

Terrace Gardening helps to keep your home cool.people who live in hot climate may find this to be beneficial. All the plants growing on your roof create a micro-environment, and reduce the temperature of that place. So while you enjoy nutritious home-cooked meals, you can also avoid huge AC bills.

4. Reduces the amount of carbon.

By creating a garden at your home, you will be helping the environment and will also reduce the amount of carbon. Because the plants you grow will improve the air quality. Farming done using chemical substances degrades the soil quality, and pollutes the air and water. You can make the environment around you pure by planting a garden at home.

5. You are constantly connected with nature.

Having a Terrace Garden at your home gives you a chance to enjoy nature 24*7. As he says, “Nature is man’s best friend”.You have protection from the world’s stress and confusion. Having your own terrace garden means having access to your own peaceful corner at all times.

6. Helps to keep you fit.

Gardening is always a great practice. Your garden will support your efforts to keep healthy and active according to how much effort you engage in managing it. Taking care of your plants, watering them and other activities will keep you physically and mentally active and can keep you away from your boring everyday exercise.

Things to consider in building a Terrace Garden.

You need to create checklist that will assist you get started after you’ve decided to set up your roof garden.

Create a sketch of your Terrace Garden.

First of all you should make a sketch or outline. So that you do not have to face unnecessary problems while planting and gardening. While making the outline, decide which vegetable or fruit to grow in which direction or corner, and how much space to grow.

You can do Vertical, Horizontal Terrace Gardening.

Note :- You can also arrange to sit and relax in the center of your garden to get the pure air of your daily nature.

Tools needed for Terrace Gardening :-

Gardening tools will come in handy when you start working on your terrace garden. You can stick to a list of gardening tools, and save yourself and your wallet an overwhelming trip to the gardening store.

These 5 tools will help you get off to a strong start.

1. Karni or Khurpa – Useful for weed removal.

2. Hose pipe and water tank – for watering the plants.

3. Belcha – Useful for digging the soil.

4. Horticultural Rack – Useful for keeping small pots of plants so that more plants can be kept in less space.

5. Pruning shears – Useful for cutting and pruning plants.

How to prepare garden soil?

If the soil is healthy then the plant will be healthy and if the plant is healthy then you will also be healthy. The soil which is fully nourished and conditioned with micro-organisms will give all kinds of nutrition to the plant. So soil fertility should be good.

Homemade waste (shells of fruits and vegetables), buttermilk, cow dung, dry and green leaves, etc., can be prepared by melting to prepare good fertility manure. You do not even need to spend much money for this.

To make this, you make a pit and add peels of fruits and vegetables, fresh and dry leaves and cow dung etc. and leave it for some time. When it is ready to melt, then it can be used by mixing it in the soil.

Fertility can also be increased by adding earthworm manure, the soil should not be too hard and too light. By taking fertile soil from the field, adding organic manure to it can be used.

Avoid using chemical fertilizers as these fertilizers contaminate the soil, as well as cause great harm to your health. and harm the beneficial bacteria and microbes present in the soil.

If you want to avoid this hassle, then you can bring manure from the market and mix it in the soil and use it.

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Read here to know how to prepare organic fertilizer at home.

Air barrier:

If the plants you plant are directly exposed to strong wind, they can be damaged. For this you can use an air barrier.

But you have to make sure that the plants get proper air circulation otherwise the plant may suffer. You can create some obstructions against the wind in the same direction by finding the direction of the wind.

Eg: – Can put up hedges, fencing and shelterbelts can be effective wind barriers.

How to choose shade in light for plants?

When you do Terrace Gardening, like the open space in the field, uniform light does not reach the plants, so choose a place on the terrace where there is more light and more shade.

After choosing such places, look at the list of plants made by you and keep the plant which needs more sunlight or grow it on the roof with more sunlight and the plant which needs less light or more shade. Grow it on the roof where there is more shade.

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How to start Terrace Gardening?

You can grow anything and everything in your rooftop garden. From vegetables, herbs, fruits, shrubs and microgreens to flowers. 

Start with veggies like spinach, radish, coriander, etc. if you’re newbie. Because these vegetables can be grown in any season with minimum efforts.

Keep your plant in a place where it is safe from predators and gets enough sunlight.

You can start gardening by making a chart of which vegetable is grown in which season.

Care and Maintenance of Terrace Gardening :-

1. Watering :-

 Watering plants in the morning is a great way to keep them hydrated and support the photosynthesis process. Soil dries out quickly in terrace gardens, so watering should be done every day.

You can give water to the plant with the help of a water can, hose and drip.

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2. Insects and diseases :-

 No matter how well you take care of your plants, pests will find their way to feast on your plants. You can use natural insecticides to keep your plants safe.

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3. Protection from birds :- 

Birds can cause more damage on Terrace Gardening, for this you can use nets above and around the roof.

4. Mulching :-

  Mulching can be used to retain moisture in plants and reduce evaporation. As mulching, you can use grass, chopped pieces of wood, fruit peels, etc.

Tips for the construction of Terrace Gardening :-

These tips will come in handy when you think about creating your own terrace garden and manage all the hurdles that you might come across.

1. Reuse old items :-

 If you want to make a garden by buying new equipment, it might be a bit costly for you. So you can save money by converting old wood, furniture, old cartons, cardboard boxes, paint boxes, food containers all of them into one container lying at home. Your wallet will thank you for it, too.

2. Instead of buying organic manure in the market, try to make it at home.

3. Protect the roof from getting damaged :-

 Before planting any type of plant, find out the length of its roots and prepare the roof accordingly. Due to which losses can be avoided.

4. Drainage :- 

Water drainage should be properly managed before planting trees on the roof. Otherwise water can collect on the roof and damage your roof.

5. Grow low-maintenance plants in the beginning from which learn gradually and then plant other plants.

6. Investment in Terrace Gardening :- 

Investment in this mainly has to be done only once, after that your expenses are reduced.


Why is Terrace Gardening safe?

By doing organic farming in Terrace Garden , you can avoid terrible diseases like slow poison, hormone imbalance, miscarriage, delayed pregnancy, cancer, weak immunity and heart attack. and stay healthy.

What type of soil and fertilizer should be used in my garden?

You can use normal soil, vermicompost and compost prepared at home by mixing it in the soil.

In how many days does the garden soil need to be changed? 

There is no need to change the soil, if there is no disease and termites in the soil. Continue to use well prepared compost.

I hope that you must have liked this information given by me and it is always my endeavor to provide all types of information related to agriculture to all the readers who come to the blog, so that they do not have to search for any other site or article.

Don’t need it. This will also save the time of the reader and all types of information will be available on a single platform. If you want to express your thoughts related to this article, then do give your suggestion in the comment box below.

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