22 Best Flowering Indoor Plants

Planting trees at home gives us many benefits. Flowering Indoor plants not only contribute to us on a decorative level, but are a way to continue connecting with nature, clean rooms and even rejuvenate ourselves with their fragrance. But not all plants are suitable for living indoors, likewise, not all indoor plants have flowers.

Do you want to know which one suits you? In the following article we talk about the best flowering indoor plants: red, white, resistant and more, there is something for all tastes!

1 .Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

Credit: ecologiaverde.com

It is one of the flowering indoor plants that blooms throughout the year. In addition, it needs very little to show its splendor, only we water it a little and, above all, it has a lot of light. Another thing you need is a place with good ventilation and enough space, since it can reach 40 cm. Want to know if you’re doing it right? If your flowers dry and new flowers appear, it is all right.

2 .Spatiphyllum or spatiphyll

This plant is scientifically called spathiphyllum, but colloquially it has several names, such as spathiphyllum, Moses’ cradle or peace lily. It is a houseplant that blooms year-round, with white flowers that contrast sharply with the dark green color of its leaves. It is suitable for interiors, since it adapts well to places with little natural light and, in addition, it helps to purify our air.

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Credit : ecologiaverde.com

3 . Anthurium or Anthurium

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The anthurium is another of the most popular flowering indoor plants , being very common to find its characteristic red flowers in many houses. This plant can grow up to a meter in height, however, if we have it in a pot, it is not usual for it to exceed 50 centimeters. The anthurium has a specific flowering time, during spring and summer. To do this, it requires a series of care: plenty of natural light but that does not reach it directly, protect it from drafts, water it with water that has a low pH 2 to 3 times a week.

There is also the variety of the dwarf anthurium , which apart from being smaller has white flowers . It is a particularly beautiful plant, as the white of its flowers contrasts with the different colors of green on its stem and leaves.

4 . Mini Rose Bush Flowering Indoor Plants

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Rose are probably the most popular flowers in the world. But did you know that you can have them in your home all year round? Mini roses, unlike their outdoor relatives, bloom all year long . Among the care they need, the need for abundant light, moderate water and a temperature that neither exceeds 23 ºC nor falls below 10 ºC stands out.

5. Gardenia

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If you want to use plants as decoration, choosing ones that bloom year-round can be one of your best options. Gardenias are an indoor plant that blooms year-round. This is another popular flower, moreover, it is a plant with a very peculiar fragrance that you may like. Something you should know is that there are indoor and outdoor gardenias, in which case you need the former.

Another thing to understand is that it needs a lot of water and a lot of light. On the other hand, temperature conditions are generally similar to mini rose bushes. When taking care of this plant it should be remembered that it comes from acid soil and we must monitor the irrigation water and the soil in which we put it.

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6 . Begonia

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Begonia is a beautiful plant that can reach 40 cm and blooms at any time, but its flowering intensity increases in summer and spring. For this to happen, it needs to receive plenty of light and water 2 or 3 times a week. However, it is important not to water it so that it does not sink.

Although it needs a lot of light, it can grow perfectly indoors next to a sunny window and a screen, to avoid direct light incident through the glass, which could burn the plant.

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7 . Losca or Lxora

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Scientifically it is called Ixora coccinea, which is why it is popularly known as ixora, but it is also called iosca, Santa Rita, Cruz de Malta or coralillo in some places. It usually blooms in spring and produces its red flowers.

Among its main needs we find a warm environment, the need for light, although it should not be direct, and watering 2 to 3 times a week. Because it doesn’t need direct light and does well in a warm environment, it can flower indoors and normally.

8 . Chrysanthemums

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Chrysanthemums are one of the indoor plants with flowers and come in a variety of red, white, yellow, pink, orange or purple flowers, so they can add a special touch of color to your home. Although it can reach a height of one and a half meters in its habitat, it usually does not exceed half a meter in a container.

In autumn it produces abundant flowers, which open every 2 to 3 weeks. To take good care of them, you must have enough light. So it’s best to be near a window and watered frequently.

9 . Madagascar jasmine

Credit : ecologiaverde.com

White is the ultimate elegant color, perfect for decor and soothing to the eye. Do you want to plant an indoor plant with a white flower and sweet fragrance in your home? Then Madagascar jasmine, Stephanotis floribunda, might work for you if you have enough space indoors and good lighting.

It is a climbing plant related to jasmine. It is a strong plant that gives off a very pleasant fragrance and its white flowers are excellent for ornamental purposes. The tricky thing about its care is the need to guide it to achieve a good density.

10 . Eucharis Amazonica

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Eucharis amazonica or Amazon lily is one of the most elegant plants that we can have in our house and it can be adapted to the interior. With a flower similar to narcissus, it has an inflorescence from which grows a stem with several flowers. It is better to keep it in a bright place and water it weekly. Apart from this, monthly fertilizer should be added.

11. Orchid Flowering indoor plants

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The orchid is one of the most popular flowering indoor plants in the world, they add a touch of elegance to interiors and this makes them a favorite for many florists and interior decorators. 

They are plants that adapt very well to the interior, but it is convenient to know their care well, since in some aspects, such as the way of watering, it can vary quite a lot compared to many other plants.

12 . African Violet

Credit : ecologiaverde.com

One of the things that we value the most when putting an indoor plant is its resistance. Especially for those people who are not experts, a plant that resists well to the different conditions that can occur inside a house is essential for it to stay alive. The African violet is one of the best hardy flowering houseplants .

As its name indicates, the African violet comes from Africa, specifically from the desert . Among its main characteristics, in addition to its beautiful flowers of an intense lilac (violet) color, is the fact that they hardly need watering. The best way to do this is to put some water in the saucer under the pot and wait until the plant itself has absorbed it.

13 . Bromeliad or Guzmania

This plant, which originated in Brazil, usually grows naturally on tree branches. However, it is considered an indoor plant, as it has the ability to adapt to almost any situation. The only important thing is to keep it with constant humidity, however, you should never flood it. It is very decorative as its flowers have warm tones ranging from yellow to red and contrast very well with the green of its leaves.

14 . Geranium

Credit : ecologiaverde.com

Geranium is a very resistant plant , both for exterior and interior. Of course, we must always follow appropriate guidelines for its care, such as having it in a bright place , if it is indoors it is better to place it next to a window (with thin curtains in the strongest hours of sun), so that it can develop and to flourish.

15 . Hibiscus

It is a tropical plant and prefers to be in a well-lit place, where it receives sunlight during the first part of the day , but is safe from the direct incidence of the midday sun. So, if you have it inside, you can place it next to a window, protected with a curtain so that the sun’s rays do not hit it too directly. 

Likewise, if when the weather is good you decide to keep it outside, keep in mind that as soon as it gets quite cold, especially if there is frost where you live, you will have to bring it home or it may die, since it cannot stand it being very cold. Keep in mind that it is a plant that can grow very large, so inside the house you must have enough space to have it well.

This flowering plant that you can have indoors exists in varieties that produce different flower colors, such as red, pink, orange, yellow or white. In this other post you will learn more about hibiscus or hibiscus care or, if you prefer, you can watch the video on this topic.

16 . Poinsettia

Credit : ecologiaverde.com

This typical Christmas plant is very striking due to its red color, but this is not in its flowers, as many think, but the red part of the plant is its bracts, modified leaves, which help protect its small yellow flowers. or white.

It is a tropical plant that does not tolerate cold climates well, much less frost, which is why it is perfect as an indoor plant with small flowers and striking decorative red leaves . Inside the house you will have to place it in a place with plenty of natural light, so near a window or glass door it will be fine, as long as it is not right next to the heat of the heating.

17 . Christmas Cacti

The Christmas or Easter cactus, also called Santa Teresa’s feathers , is another plant that is seen a lot at Christmas time, since it is usually when it blooms the most. 

This plant with spectacular flowers , reminiscent of feathers and hence one of its common names, needs to be in a place where it receives partial shade , it is not convenient to always have it in full shade or expose it to full sun, so put it together to a window is a good option. Thus, it can be indoors, always knowing its other care needs, and offer a floral show.

18 . Amaryllis

Credit : ecologiaverde.com

The amaryllis plant has a tropical climate. However, it is necessary to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, as they could easily burn it. Thus, it can be inside the house if we put it in a place close to a window or glass door, so that it has good lighting but without direct contact with the sun. Another aspect that makes it good to be indoors, if there is enough space , is that it grows very well in places with temperatures around 20ºC .

If you like plants with large flowers , amaryllis can be a great option to have inside your home, but keep in mind that it is not a small plant, you will need space to have it well. 

19 . Clivia

Credit : ecologiaverde.com

Clivias are plants of South African origin and with very beautiful orange flowers , ideal for adding a touch of bright color to the decoration of your home.

It needs a location with a lot of natural light , but it is better to avoid direct sun , especially if you live in a place with very intense sun. For this reason, it is convenient to have it in an area of ​​indirect sun or semi-shade, but in which there is a lot of ambient light. 

In addition, since it has a temperature to warm climate, it will not withstand the cold season well outside, especially if it is a very cold area. Therefore, it is possible to have it indoors , as long as it can have a good location with these characteristics.

20 . Magnificent Medinilla

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This is one of the most spectacular flowering indoor plants , both for its shape and its color. The medinilla can be indoors as long as they are relatively spacious but, above all, well lit with natural light .

 Another aspect that makes it a good candidate to be indoors is that a temperature between 20 ºC and 22 ºC is convenient for it, it is not convenient for it to be in environments of less than 15 ºC. Regarding irrigation, this must be moderate, since it does not tolerate excess water in its roots well. Instead, it does need ambient humidity.

21 . Wax Flower

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The wax flower or Hoya carnosa is a plant with a warm climate, a temperature between 15 ºC and 25 ºC suits it. Also, it prefers a semi-shade location , so it can be indoors if you have space near a window. 

The flowers of this plant, as its name suggests, look similar to wax , they are small, white with a reddish center and, in addition, they come out in clusters, which makes it an ideal plant for decoration. However, before deciding to place it indoors, keep in mind that it is a climbing plant , so you will have to place a structure in which you can roll up its stems and leaves.

22 . Golden Carp

Credit : ecologiaverde.com

We end this list of flowering indoor plants by talking about the goldfish or Columneas , as they are very decorative, especially because of their flowers. Actually, the Columneas are a whole genus that has almost 200 species of tropical origin. Its flowers are very striking , due to their shape (for which they are known as golden carp) and their red, orange and yellow colors. 

It is convenient for you to have an environment with a temperature between 20 ºC and 22 ºC, although this should be lower after flowering, around 16 ºC. In addition, it is convenient for you to be in a well-lit place but in the shade. Therefore, it will be well placed indoors with large windows.

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