How to Grow Cypress Trees from Cuttings.

Many garden lover brings his cypress home with him from his Mediterranean holiday. Unfortunately, these plants die quickly because they cannot tolerate the climatic conditions in Cold place . You can also grow cypresses yourself from cutting.In This post we will learn How to grow cypress trees from cuttings.

What are the Main characteristics of Cypress Trees?

Its main characteristics are:

  • Height: from 20 meters to 25 meters approximately, it can be more.
  • Diameter: from 8 meters to 10 meters approximately, it can be more.
  • Growth: medium.
  • Wet floor.
  • Temperature: tolerates cold very well.
  • Pruning: very light training, hardly needed.
  • Transplantation: it has a very good tolerance.
  • Uses ornamental and forestry.
  • Origin: North America.

The cypress is a tree with a pyramidal shape and horizontally spreading branches, which has the peculiarity of losing its leaves in winter after turning brick red.

In the spring, the light green sprouting is very attractive, with short, smooth leaves. Its cultivation is easy and it grows very well in swampy soils, where few plants thrive.

Also, it is a tree that supports low temperatures very well but is very demanding regarding light. It develops pneumatophores, that is, roots that function as respiratory organs when it is found in flooded land.

It is cultivated as ornamental and forestry. Likewise, it can be planted as an isolated species or forming forests. In the latter case, it is convenient to leave a distance of between 6 to 8 meters between each of the specimens.

You should also avoid planting it near houses and/or roofs since its small leaves can clog grates and gutters.

How To Grow cypress trees ?

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There are two ways to grow cypress trees From cuttings and from seeds. Both methods take a long time and are quite complex. Grow Cypress Trees from cuttings is easier and usually more successful. Basically, it takes several years for a self-grown cypress to reach a height of one meter.

How to grow cypress trees from cuttings?

If you want to grow cypress trees from cuttings then you need to follow the following processes according to hunker

Step 1
Cut a section of a cypress branch, 4 to 8 inches long, using hedge shears. Keep the pages attached. Make a tip or heel cut for best results. To make a tip cutting, cut the branch from the tip of the stem using twigs or branches that are one year old or less.

To make a root cutting, pull a side shoot directly from a main stem or branch, which is two or more years old. This cutting leaves a stalk of older, main-stem tissue at the end of the lateral shoot.

Step 2
Cut the wound using a razor blade. Cutting end wounds actually stimulate rooting. Make 1- to 2-inch vertical cuts on either side of the base and snap off lower branches. The cut should be deep enough to expose the cambium or cell layers between the bark and wood.

Step 3
Cut leaves or needles 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the bottom of the branch using scissors. There should be no leaves touching the planting medium.

Step 4
Fill a flower pot with a mixture of one part sand and one part peat. Make a hole in the mixture and insert into the base of the cut. Pack the mixture around the cut to keep it firmly in place and straight.

Step 5
Water the planting mix well so that water collects around the cutting.

Step 6
Cover the container with a milk jug with the bottom removed or a plastic bag. This will create a moist environment and help rooting.

Place the container in a sunny location that maintains a temperature around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the potting mix and cuttings moist and remove fallen leaves or needles daily.

Step 7
Replant the cutting into a 4-inch diameter pot when the pot has two or three roots filled with soil that are at least 1/2 inch long. Note that it may take two or three months for roots to develop.

Step 8
Cover the container with a milk jug or plastic bag and keep it in a sunny place for a week. Allow the plant to slowly adjust to the outdoors before transplanting outside.

Cuttings are plucked from the branch and not cut. A small piece of bark, the so-called flag, should remain on the cut. Harvested on frost-free days in winter.

Moisture is maintained by placing a plastic bag over it. However, it must be propagated regularly so that the cuttings do not rot or become moldy.

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What does it mean to plant by cuttings?

Planting by cuttings is a reproduction technique through which a plant fragment that can be a stem, leaf, rhizome or root is used to make a new plant emerge.

Cuttings can be: tender, juvenile, semi-ripe, woody, budding, leaf and root, depending on the condition of the parent plant.

Multiplying or propagating plants by cuttings is very useful for those species that do not produce seeds or that produce a limited number of them.

This method of planting makes it possible to multiply a good number of plants from a single specimen: homogeneous and of good commercial quality.

Advances in the knowledge of the method of planting by cuttings have been very important so that almost all plants can now be reproduced. Gardening enthusiasts really like planting by cuttings because it is an easy method to carry out and very simple.

When is the best time to plant cypress cuttings?

 The best time to plant cypress cuttings is in early spring and summer. With modern reproduction techniques, planting by cuttings can be done at any time of the year, as long as the necessary conditions are provided for the cypress to reproduce.

Specialists believe that the time of year when the cut is made is an important aspect of the successful reproduction of cypress or any plant.

How do get cypress cuttings to root correctly?

How to Root Cypress Cuttings Properly For cypress cuttings to root properly, use auxynthypic growth regulators, which accelerate their development and increase the quality of the roots.

Once the cypress cuttings have been selected, it is recommended to submerge them in a rooting hormone and proceed to plant them directly. In order for the cypress cuttings to root correctly, they must be placed in greenhouse environments, maintaining humidity above 95%.

It is important that the cypress cuttings are kept protected from frost and that they are not affected by the winds.

How should we take the cypress cuttings to plant them?

How to take cypress cuttings for planting Cypress cuttings should at least be taken from the 10-year-old trees because they produce the healthiest cuttings and are most likely to root successfully. 

The cypress cuttings suitable for cultivation must be selected very carefully, ensuring that the part of the lower node is woody. Stems from cuttings are cut crosswise with a length of about 15 cm and having 2 or more nodes.

The cut should be made just below a node, then the lower leaves are removed, leaving only the 2-3 pairs at the end. It is recommended, but not essential, to impregnate the base of the cutting with rooting hormones in liquid or powder form. 

Horticulturists recommend selecting a good number of cypress cuttings since not all of them reproduce and many times almost 50 percent of them are lost. Gardening tools for taking cypress cuttings must be sharp, clean and disinfected to prevent bacteria or disease to the new plant .

How long should cypress cuttings be left in water? 

Because it is a type of bushy plant, the cypress can be placed in a rooting solution before proceeding with its cultivation, but it is not recommended to leave it in the water. Once the cypress cuttings are ready and prepared, planting proceeds.Is it practical to use fertilizer or compost?

  •  It is convenient to use fertilizer or compost.
  • The fertilizer or compost required for cypress cultivation will depend on the type and variety of the plant.
  • It is convenient and necessary to use fertilizers for the development and growth of cypress.

Once the substrate has been prepared, it must be watered abundantly so that the soil is cool and loose for planting cypress. If the cypress cuttings are not going to be placed in greenhouses, it is recommended to water the crop daily using an atomizer. How long does it usually take for a cypress cutting to come out? 

How long does it usually take for a cypress cutting to come out?

The time it takes for a cypress cutting to come out depends on the type in question, but they begin to produce roots between 15 and 25 days. 

The cypress cuttings will be kept in the nursery stage for at least 6 months and then they will be transplanted into the definitive pot or garden. 

Cypress plants should be moved outside after they have taken root and grown indoors for a full year. Transplanting should be done after the last frost of the year to prevent cold weather damage.  

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In this article I am trying to describe details How to grow cypress trees from cuttings.Actually Cypress trees can not tolerate cold temperature that why if you want to grow a cypress trees any process cuttings or seeds you have to take long time to grow.If you any question please comments me in the comments box.


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