The Ultimate Guides How to Make Bonsai pots from Clay?

Pot is one of the essential accessories for growing any bonsai tree. But make no mistake: pots are much more. They can not only be considered part of the styling of a space. They can also extol the beauty of indoor bonsai plants or draw attention to one in particular that we particularly like. So it never hurts to know how to make bonsai pots from clay. A simple craft that we can customize to our style and according to our tastes.

What are bonsai pots?

Bonsai pots, also known as mini-trees, are miniature plants that are grown in pots. They are often used as ornaments or in potpourris. The trees are usually small and have a limited range of colors, but their shapes and textures are very intricate. Bonsai pots come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials, including clay, Ceramic, terra cotta, fiberglass, metal, or plastic. In this article, we learn how to make Bonsai pots from clay.


Experts recommend planting bonsai in clay pots. This pot is most common in gardens, terraces, or balconies, even in the interiors of any home.

The main advantage of using a clay pot for bonsai is that we are talking about a very porous material; in this way, the clay pots will continuously filter water. This ensures that the bonsai or any other plant or vegetable can be maintained properly.

On the other hand, mud also plays an important role in protecting the roots against atmospheric changes. In the event that the bonsai is subjected to direct sunlight, or if the cold is intense, the mud will maintain the cold or heat, depending on the case.

It is not recommended to use pots that are painted or enameled, as these elements could affect the protection offered by the pot against extreme changes in temperature.

A good pot will not only help the bonsai to be in good health, but it will also be a decorative component par excellence, perfect for the place where we need it.

What are clay bonsai pots?

Clay Bonsai pots are perfect for those who are looking to start growing their own plants. These pots are made of a special type of clay and are very porous, which allows the plant to get plenty of air and water. This type of pot is also known for its slow drainage, which makes it perfect for bonsai trees that like to stay wet. Overall, clay Bonsai pots are an excellent way to start growing your own plants, and they make a great addition to any garden.


More than considering the type of bonsai, it is more appropriate to analyze the pot you are considering buying. In the market, we can find a long series of posts, some even identical, made of the same material and only changing shape.

Experts recommend choosing those pots that are square or round in shape but have a large surface width. Also, the height should never be greater than the wingspan of the top. This is very important for good bonsai maintenance.


The expert recommends looking for a pot large enough so that the bonsai does not have space problems. It is important to prioritize practicality or aesthetics: if the space is not enough, the bonsai is very likely to perish.

Once we have found a pot in which we know it will be fine, it is a matter of looking for different varieties to get the one that we like the most and that will best adapt to the place that we are looking to place it.

Remember that there are some very elegant options to place indoors or outdoors. So now you know: if you are looking for the best pot to take care of a bonsai, do not hesitate and bet on terracotta pots.

How to Make Bonsai Pots from clay?

The decorative weight of bonsai pots is undeniable. For this reason, they are a common Do-It-Yourself (DIY) item. However, this time we are not talking about painting pots to renew their appearance. The proposal is to go one step further and make our own bonsai pots from clay. A simple craft that will not only require few materials but also will not require great skill on our part. What’s more: it is so easy that we can consider it a children’s activity.

 So let’s see, step by step, how to make bonsai pots from clay. 


When we consider how to make bonsai pots from clay at home, we usually run into several complications. The first one is that this type of clay requires specific manual treatment. Only when it is handled correctly and has the hydration it demands can it be set properly. When both characteristics are not present, our creations tend to break and crack. 

But it is not the only impediment when making bonsai pots at home. Added to this, the clay requires a very specific drying at high temperatures and with air. Only with very specific heat conditions will it dry properly.

Avoiding this type of inconvenience involves choosing an alternative material that allows us to make homemade bonsai pots without too much inconvenience. And yes, there is: the answer is the drying of the white clay. A material that will allow us to achieve the result we are looking for without so many shocks.

Materials for making bonsai  pots from clay at home


  • Air-dried clay 
  • Two-tone green paint
  • Leaves of the plants that we want to print
  •  Roller
  •  Knife or scissors

Steps for how to make bonsai pots from clay. 

Make a Clay Bonsai Pots

The starting point in how to make homemade clay bonsai pots is to roll out the air-drying clay with a rolling pin. Since it is usually laid out in blocks, we will have to reduce its height considerably. In order for our vase to be strong, it will be enough that the layer of clay is a little more than half a centimeter. 


With our clay prepared and spread out, we will cut a part of the plate that we will dedicate to the base. We’ll mark the clay with a specific depth using a cup, glass, or bowl with a standard edge. Despite being able to extract the base from the rest of the mixture, it may stick to the walls and be difficult to separate.

To avoid this, the idea is to mark the circumference that we want and finish cutting that piece with a knife. 

With our two pieces prepared, it is time to transfer the leaves to the surface of what will be our homemade clay bonsai pots without an oven. We will begin by placing them loosely on the plate until we see which is the final design that we like the most.

For the drawing to have more dynamism, it is advisable to play with different sizes. Once we have decided on the layout, we will pass over the roller to fix the silhouettes on the clay.

 How to Make Bonsai pots from Clay

After a couple of hours, it is time to finish assembling our homemade and original bonsai pot. Helping us with water, which will act as glue, we will join the plate with the base. It is important to place special emphasis on gluing the joints between the two pieces so that they join properly.


When the points of union between the base and the walls of our homemade pot with clay have dried, it is time to carefully remove the attached leaves.

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We only have to paint our leaves after having our silhouettes stamped on the clay.

And ready! Our homemade and original pot is ready to decorate the place we choose for it. A different and personal way of making our plants even more beautiful.

Final Thoughts

A bonsai is an art form that has been around for centuries and is popular all over the world. But, what is Bonsai? And, how do you make a Bonsai pot from clay? This blog didn’t cover those topics, but if you’re interested, you can read more about it on our website. In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that it gave you some new insights into the art of Bonsai. Thanks for reading!



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